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Digital Signage

Assured Digital Signage provides outdoor digital signage solutions that are designed to capture and hold the attention of passersby with vivid and captivating displays. Our offerings include weather-resistant and sunlight-readable displays that ensure your message gets across effectively, regardless of the environmental conditions. Whether your need is for advertising, public information, or brand awareness, we understand that every client's requirements are unique. With Assured Digital Signage, you not only get a product but also a partner committed to your success.


Digital Signage

Outdoor Displays with PC

While Android is generally sufficient, there are occasions when the robust power and security of a Windows-based PC are necessary. With our onboard PC screens, you can eliminate the need for additional boxes and cables. Our comprehensive solution caters to all your outdoor display requirements, and our team of experts can provide valuable advice to help you choose the perfect product for your project.

Outdoor Professional Monitors

Our Outdoor Professional Monitors are designed to ensure exceptional performance in any weather conditions. With robust features like tempered glass protection, no-burn LED backlighting, and an IP65 waterproof rating, rest assured that your outdoor displays are shielded from the elements. Enjoy reliable and durable signage that stands the test of time, no matter what nature throws at it.

Waterproof TV Screens

Discover range of Waterproof TV Screens for outdoor use. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, they're perfect for high humidity areas or rainy locations. With an outdoor-grade IP65 rating, these screens offer excellent picture quality and low power consumption, even in direct sunlight. Choose from various sizes, from small signage displays to larger TV screens, to suit any setting.

Exterior Freestanding Displays

Check out our range of outdoor freestanding displays, perfect for retail and promotional signage. With various sizes and options for static or interactive digital signs, our durable and weather-resistant displays ensure your message is always visible. Easy installation and mounting choices get your signage up and running quickly.

Outdoor Billboards

View our range of outdoor billboards, perfect for taking your message to the streets. We offer a variety of sizes and styles to suit any need. Our unique range of mounting systems makes installation easy and secure. You can be sure that your message will be seen in no time! Get started today and make an impact with Assured Digital Signage.

Outdoor A-Boards

Check out our range of innovative outdoor A-Boards which can run all day long using their battery only. With our outdoor a-boards, you can create an attractive display to promote your business in any weather. Our experts are here to assist you with selecting the right product and can provide guidance on all aspects of your project.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

The applications listed above are just a sample of some of the key uses for our outdoor digital signage systems. We understand that sometimes an off-the-shelf system isn't always the best fit, especially as applications can vary so much. If you can't find a suitable product for your needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer customisation options on many of our systems so after discussing your brief and ensuring there is nothing standard that fits the bill, our team of signage experts will then make changes to the mechanical design in-house.

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