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We have helped to transform traditional bank branches into intelligent hubs. With our digital signage solutions, banks can promote their services and products, deliver targeted messages to customers based on their demographics or transaction history, and even provide interactive tutorials for new account holders.

Digital Signage: Proving Its Worth

With banks reducing their physical presence and shifting towards online banking, the effective utilisation of remaining spaces has become crucial. Smart self-service kiosks and ATMs now allow customers to visit a branch without requiring the valuable time of a staff member. Furthermore, smart signage in the foyer can instantly display the latest products and offers, eliminating the need for reprinted interest rates.

Naturally, security is of utmost importance. Assured Digital Signage has collaborated with top banking brands on large-scale rollouts, working closely with banking heads and IT departments to ensure failsafe measures and robust security standards are met. Utilising our turnkey solutions for banks, digital signage can be used to effortlessly communicate with customers while consistently getting brand messages across.

Our suite of products and services are trusted by leading international banks and have been adapted specifically to meet the security needs of the banking industry. Our teams are fully aware of the wide range of compliance requirements faced by financial institutions, and are here to help your brand stay ahead of the competition. With Assured Digital Signage, you can be sure that your digital signage solution is secure and reliable.

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We can supply a comprehensive digital signage solution tailored for Banking.


If you are contemplating a digital signage project specifically for Banking, we invite you to explore these industry-specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).