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Our team has a proven track record of collaborating with NHS trusts in the UK, delivering high-quality digital signage solutions that meet deadlines and budget.

Digital Signage Healthcheck

Assured Digital Signage has collaborated with multiple NHS trusts in the UK, as well as hospitals located in remote areas like Western Alaska. Our extensive range of certified healthcare-grade products includes powerful touchscreen panel computers, displays, and rugged tablets.

Our solutions offer numerous advantages in hospital settings, promoting paperless interaction and complying with key certifications such as EN-60601-1 and Ul-60601-1. We have successfully executed a wide range of projects, from supplying component parts like bare panels for medical equipment to delivering mainstream freestanding displays that effectively convey wayfinding signage and safety information. These displays can be promptly updated during emergency situations, such as the Covid-19 global pandemic when social distancing measures were implemented.

With our solutions, hospitals can benefit from the flexibility offered by digital signage. Our cloud-based services and software allow for real-time updates, allowing information to be shared quickly without placing unnecessary strain on staff and resources.

With over 50 partners worldwide

We can supply a comprehensive digital signage solution tailored for the Healthcare sector.


If you are contemplating a digital signage project specifically for Healthcare, we invite you to explore these industry-specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).