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About DFI

DFI has been a leader in the high-performance computing industry for over 35 years, specializing in edge board and system-level products for embedded applications. With a strong focus on revision control and long-term availability, DFI provides cost-effective technology solutions for a wide range of industries, including medical diagnostics, ATM/POS, industrial control, kiosk, security and surveillance, digital signage, and gaming.

As a proud member of the Intel IoT alliance, DFI works closely with Intel to develop next-generation standards-based building blocks, platforms, and solutions for the communications and embedded markets. Their forward-thinking nature is evident through their integration and development of technological advancements, demonstrated by their early involvement in the IoT alliance since 2004.

DFI is also a trusted partner of Windows Embedded, solidifying its commitment to providing exceptional products and services. This partnership allows them to fully prepare and test systems before installation, as well as build content and software systems. Additionally, DFI boasts multiple certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, QC080000, RoHS, and ISO13485, while actively participating as a Sony/Epson Green partner.

The exemplary service provided by DFI is reflected in their impressive customer retention rate, with some clients remaining loyal for over 10 years. DFI has also established partnerships with the top 5 vertical market providers in gaming, kiosks, banking, and ATM.

Overall, DFI’s extensive experience, dedication to innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a reliable and trusted choice in the high-performance computing industry.


OPS+ is a new industrial standard launched by Intel in 2017 for digital signage players. DFI’s OPS100-SH, the first OPS+ certified media computer, supports server-grade Intel® Xeon® mobile CPU and is capable of delivering 3 individual 4K resolution display outputs. It allows you to design intelligent and integrated display solutions to generate new business models and bring new experiences to audiences.

Panel PCs

DFI has long been involved in the field of Panel PCs, including IP-rated computers that offer complete peace of mind even in challenging environmental conditions. Meet the TPC170, a 17-inch touchscreen panel PC with an IP65 rating, providing optimal protection against ingress and waterjets. Its stainless steel enclosure adds an extra layer of safeguarding to its high-performance internals, which include Intel HD Graphics and a 3rd Generation Intel Core processor. With up to 16GB of onboard memory, dual LAN, 2 COM ports, and 6 USB ports, the TPC170 ensures excellent connectivity. In terms of expansion options, it comes standard with 1x PCIe, PCI, and Mini PCIe slots, all neatly housed within its compact enclosure. Additionally, it features a stainless steel bezel with convenient access to USB and function keys for added ease of use.

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