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About Visionect

Welcome to the future of signage.

Visionect is the premier designer and developer of ultra-low-power digital display solutions. With 15 years of innovation behind them and many more ahead, Visionect is continually changing how information is delivered. Their greener, better displays are the result of a revolutionary Place & Play approach: simple, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install products with outstanding designs.



To develop high-end wireless displays with effortless connectivity and ultra-low power consumption with a versatile CMS as a service. Simply the best digital signage anywhere and everywhere.



To set new standards in energy-efficient digital displays and become worldwide most sustainable signage provider. To continue creating award-winning displays with a battery life measured in years.


Core Values

To create displays that meet and exceed clients’ needs: a perfect combination of functionality, simplicity, and sustainability. Visionect will support your path to success as they shape the future of e-paper technology.