System Integration

System Integration

Let us handle the build process.

Our team of skilled engineers, with decades of experience, constructs all our systems at our in-house facilities. Each system is custom-built to order, ensuring that it precisely meets the unique requirements of our clients. Prior to production, we conduct thorough pre-sales consultations to understand your needs and preferences and we configure both hardware and software components to ensure a perfect match.

Our comprehensive range of services includes seamless hardware integration, customization of single-board computers and LCDs plus installation and support for operating systems. Additionally, we offer rigorous application testing for our platforms and employ a dedicated burn-in facility to guarantee the stability of every system before it leaves our premises.

Build Process, Product Serializing & Inventory

Our repeat production orders are constructed using the Build Specification Process (BSP), derived from the ISO9001 standard. This meticulous manufacturing process ensures that every product is created following revision-controlled versions of the BOM, build and process requirements. It encompasses hardware, software, and BIOS specifications, guaranteeing consistent and identical solutions each time you place an order.

Furthermore, we provide our clients with a serialisation and traceability service. Through our in-house thermal printers, we can easily record and display crucial information, such as IP addresses, MAC addresses, serial numbers, and dates, on the exterior of each unit. This feature enables effortless identification and verification of your network's credentials.

Operating Systems

Assured Digital Signage, as a Microsoft Embedded Partner, has full access to a comprehensive suite of Microsoft Embedded development tools. This enables us to develop customised operating system images internally. Our team of Microsoft-trained engineers possesses the expertise to construct images for various Windows Embedded product families. Additionally, we boast extensive experience in Linux and Android platforms, a rapidly growing preference among our clientele.

Make Our Products Your Own

Our bespoke branding service empowers our clients to incorporate their own brand identity into our finished systems. This offering is highly sought-after by clients who bundle software and hardware to create a comprehensive solution, which they then market as a complete package under their own brand.

Whether you need branding on the exterior of your solution, a customised splash screen, or an operating system skin, we are here to assist you. This comprehensive approach allows our clients to maintain a cohesive and consistent marketing strategy across their entire product range.

By infusing your brand into the very fabric of your solution, we are able to generate unique product customization that will make you stand out in a crowded market.

LCD & SBC Pairing

Assured Digital Signage offers a comprehensive LCD panel pairing service. We specialise in creating custom LVDS cabling directly to an embedded SBC or a dedicated controller board and backlight power module. With our efficient sample production, we can provide cable and board samples in short time frames, helping you reduce your time to market. We have established strong partnerships with reputable manufacturing companies that deliver high-quality TFT LCD Panels and embedded boards.

Our professional team possesses deep knowledge of these products, markets, and applications. You can trust us to provide expert guidance and ensure the best product fit right from the start.

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