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We help car dealers to not just sell cars but other products and services whilst enhancing customer experiences.

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Car dealerships are strategically located on busy roads with high volumes of passing traffic. This provides an ideal setting for large outdoor LED billboards, which dealers can effectively utilise to promote their "Car of the Week" or showcase value-added services like car finance and service plans.

Within the dealership, message boards can be placed behind reception areas to introduce key contacts, provide local area information, and display MOT waiting times, while also offering opportunities to upsell additional services.

Considering the growing popularity of electric vehicles, charging points can be integrated with smart signage to deliver impactful marketing and advertising messages. Additionally, tablet-style information kiosks can be strategically placed near new vehicles, showcasing optional extras, colour choices, and even video demonstrations.

In this context, it is important to emphasise that content is paramount. A well-thought-out content strategy plays a vital role in ensuring car dealerships achieve a rapid return on their investment.

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We can supply a comprehensive digital signage solution tailored for Car Dealers.


If you are contemplating a digital signage project specifically for Car Dealerships, we invite you to explore these industry-specific Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).