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A leading technology group with over a decade of experience. We serve over 1,500 regular clients in 80 countries, deploying 1000's of digital signage systems into diverse and challenging applications.




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We work with a diverse client base ranging from retailers and estate agents through to healthcare providers and airports. Our clients include Nasa, Disney, Tesco, NHS and hundreds more. We love understanding our clients specific needs and delivering hardware and content solutions that over-deliver time after time. On our website you'll find a broad mix of case studies of projects that we've been involved with and detailed sector pages that tell you about our experience in specific markets. Whatever the challenge, we're ready to help.

Featured Case Studies

Thousands See Us Everyday

Flight Information Display System Using OPS Media Players

Airports are some of the most densely packed public spaces for digital signage with hundreds of screens in almost every available space.

Digital Signage for Communities

High streets across the globe have suffered badly from internet shopping and as a result there has been an evolution in the types of businesses taking root to replace retail.

Digital Signage for Healthcare

With a normal dwell time of 10 minutes, visitors at doctors waiting rooms offer the perfect audience for engaging messages and advertising via digital signage.

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Assured Digital Signage

Turnkey Solution

As a global leader in displays with twelve years of experience, we understand that finding the right digital signage solution can be complex, especially when working with demanding applications and we recognise that it goes beyond just selling screens. This is why we offer tailored digital signage solutions to suit your exact needs. After a careful pre-sales consultation, we can configure hardware and software to your exact specifications and have a full suite of complementary services to suit your business strengths and weaknesses. These include CMS management, content design and strategy and installation services. And, if you want to start selling digital signage yourself, we can offer you a full business consultancy service. Whatever your requirements, our team of experts are on hand to provide support and advice throughout the entire process, from concept to completion.

Content Strategy and Design

Content strategy and design are one of the pillars that uphold a successful digital signage deployment. They dictate not just what your audience sees, but also how they perceive and interact with your digital message. An effective content strategy identifies what kind of information your audience needs and determines the best way to present that information. It's all about crafting the right message for the right audience at the right time. Meanwhile, design is the lens through which this strategy is visualised. Good design should not only be visually appealing, but also enhance readability, comprehension, and engagement. In the end, a well-thought-out content strategy coupled with exceptional design is what transforms a standard digital signage deployment into a captivating, dynamic communication tool.


Our installation network covers the breadth of the UK and US - meaning that nationwide projects can be taken on and we can distribute digital signage hardware to qualified and experienced installation teams for rollout across the country. The advantage of our scale is that regardless of whether you're ordering for installation in one premises, or in dozens or hundreds of locations, all work is conducted by Assured Digital Signage and our srtictly verified partners and you have the benefit of knowing that all installation teams have had the same instruction and hardware, and that your project is managed by us.

Custom Development

In the world of digital signage, one size does not always fit all. That's where customisation comes into play, a service that we're proud to offer to meet your specific requirements. We understand that sometimes off-the-shelf solutions might not be the perfect fit for your particular application. At one end of the scale, this could be branding the casing on a self-service unit or systems integration. These specific needs call for a tailored approach.
Customisation is not merely about aesthetics; it's about leveraging the technology that we know exists to meet your specific objectives. Our approach is flexible – we can adjust our products to match your needs, whether it involves vinyl wrapping, screen printing or adding specific components to an existing product.