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About ABEL

How can ABEL help with enterprise level endpoint management?

ABEL is our robust enterprise level endpoint management tool made up of six parts and is distributed by our sister company Assured Platforms. When you buy ABEL you receive the following –

  1. ABEL Hardware
  2. ABEL Core
  3. ABEL Operating System
  4. ABEL Active Network Management
  5. ABEL Security
  6. ABEL Support

1.     Hardware

  • Engineered for 24x7x365 operation
  • Fanless thermal management
  • Seamless 4k/60Hz video playback
  • PoE & DC power

2.     Core

  • Enables remote access outside the OS
  • Can deploy a new OS and CMS remotely
  • Monitors total system health
  • Autonomous failure recovery

3.     Operating System

  • Proprietary Linux build
  • CMS of choice preinstalled
  • Security updates every 90 days
  • Automated failure resolution

4.     Active Network Management

  • Preconfigure all installation settings remotely
  • Configure CMS, displays and media player with single tool
  • Batch configure the entire network
  • Remotely resolve the most common issues

5.     Security

  • Quarterly security updates to entire platform
  • Mainstream chipset enables long-term security updates
  • No external storage (SD Card) or USB drive support
  • Regular 3rd party security audits

6.     Support

  • Phone and e-mail support out of the United States and the United Kingdom
  • Customer support representatives trained in all aspects of digital signage deployments, including displays, CMS, network, etc.
  • A solve-at-all-costs approach, working collaboratively with vendor partners and system integrators to achieve customer satisfaction
  • Warranty and support available up to 5 years


ABEL OS has been designed from the ground up to be the most stable, secure, and scalable operating environment for the Digital Out-of-home industry. When used in conjunction with Active Network Manager, ABEL OS enables a powerful set of remote management, configuration, and support tools, dramatically reducing the total cost of operating the network.

  • Linux or Windows Embedded base
  • Over a decade of experience optimising OS for DOOH applications
  • Third party application software (CMS, analytics, etc.) preinstalled
  • Includes rapid installation software, saving time on the ground
  • No keyboard and mouse required for setup
  • Automated Failure Resolution procedures embedded in
  • Available remote factory restore capability
  • Quarterly platform and security & stability updates

ABEL OS Stability

When hardware, software and operating systems update and change ad-hoc, it frequently leads to system-wide failures. Our managed update service aggregates all updates and patches system wide, extensively tests them in house, and then packages them for problem free deployment across the network.

ABEL Active Network Manager:

ABEL Active Network Manager (ANM) is a full-featured, remote management toolset designed specifically to decrease the cost associated with deploying and managing large scale communication networks.

  • Eliminates the need for on-site configuration
  • Enables remote setup and configuration on single endpoint or network wide
  • Provides real time assurance that endpoints, displays, software and network infrastructure are operating as expected
  • Autonomously repairs many of the most common failures
  • Delivers alerts with detailed diagnostics when human intervention is required
  • Facilitates the remote deployment of new operating system and software stack
  • Deployable on many 3rd party media players
  • Cloud based and on-premise solutions

System Integrators

We have worked with dozens of the most respected integrators around the globe to successfully deploy digital communication technology at scale. We have brought value both to our channel partners and end customers through our platform, enhancing managed services offerings and reducing operating costs for all parties.

Content Management

ABEL maintains a network of CMS partners, curated to offer a diverse range of capabilities for different markets. We have worked closely with each CMS to build a turn-key solution that offers both streamlined deployment and stable operation.

ABEL builds and maintains custom operating systems that include many of the world’s leading CMS platforms, delivering streamlined deployment and a turn-key user experience.