Content Strategy & Design

Content Strategy and Design

Quality Content Is The Difference

Quality and well-thought-through content is the heart of digital signage hardware, regardless of its various shapes and sizes. When executed effectively, it is the content, not the physical device, that yields a return on investment. To achieve this, it is important to consider both the content strategy and design when creating a digital signage campaign.

Strategy Is The Key

A well-executed digital signage content strategy requires careful consideration of several key factors. Firstly, it is crucial to establish the objectives of the network. Will the content primarily focus on measurable KPIs such as boosting sales and enhancing brand awareness? Or does it aim to achieve more subtle goals, like reducing perceived waiting times or providing local community information?

Regardless of the purpose, each screen within the network should be evaluated from the perspective of its target audience demographics and the specific network it belongs to, such as point of wait (POW), point of transit (POT), or point of sale (POS). It is also important to take into account peak times and network capacity.
A comprehensive content strategy encompasses various elements. At Assured Digital Signage, we possess extensive experience in delivering both advertising-focused networks and community information networks. Our goal is to ensure that the displayed content is of the highest quality, allowing for quick and easy viewing.

Jeffrey Zeldman -Designer, Author and Entrepreneur

“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

Designers That Understand Digital Signage

Most graphic design studios have grown creating work for print whereas digital signage offers much more of an opportunity when using animation or videography. Even when you discover a designer with the right experiences, just a good understanding of what makes for good design is not in itself enough as alongside this, you need a solid understanding of how to leverage the potential of a quality content management system.

Knowing the finer details and ensuring that the right file formats are being used can be critical to successful rollouts. Cloud storage and downloading data locally at the media player comes at a cost that can quickly build up over time.

Well thought out design IS the difference between failure and success in digital signage and we have the in-house capabilities to ensure it is being done right.