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The Slovenian National and University Library: Timeless communication at a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The National and University Library is one of the most important buildings designed by Jože Plečnik and part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. For this reason, it is important that all communication with library visitors is presented in an elegant, minimalist, and unobtrusive way. The Visionect e-paper screens fit very well with the dark setting of Plečnik’s library palace while giving us much more flexibility to change the information quickly and without cost. Not only do the devices fit seamlessly into the elegant space with more flexibility than the library could have hoped for, but NUK found the displays remarkably affordable. With multiple Place & Play devices on the floor, the Visionect solutions have been a resounding success in the prestigious, one-of-a-kind library.”

Žiga Cerkvenik, Head of Events and Public Relations

With a vast collection of over a million historical texts, librarians hold the responsibility of safeguarding these invaluable documents to enrich the experience of library visitors and patrons.

In their pursuit of a communication system for the library, their standards were crystal clear: it had to mirror the timelessness of their collection, blend seamlessly with the architecture, and possess the adaptability that only the finest digital signage can offer.

About the NUK

The Slovenian National and University Library, known as NUK, is situated in the picturesque city of Ljubljana. It serves as a guardian, curator, and facilitator of the national literary collection, offering assistance to public libraries across the nation. Additionally, NUK serves as the university library for Ljubljana University.

By 2011, the library had amassed an impressive collection of over 2.9 million bound volumes, 4,400 manuscripts, and a wealth of other resources. Many of the catalogs within its possession date back to the 18th century, coinciding with its establishment.

The architectural marvel that houses the library, a masterpiece by the esteemed architect Jože Plečnik, is regarded as one of his crowning achievements. In 2021, the library’s distinction was further enhanced as it was proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage site, underscoring the building’s prestige and historical significance.

Communication with class

“Electronic paper combines the benefits of both worlds — the subtlety and efficiency of paper with the flexibility of electronic media.”

After exploring different options online, NUK found the ideal blend of tradition and contemporary ease with Visionect technology. Our electronic paper solutions offer a glare-free experience, free from bothersome backlights or unsightly wires. Visionect devices are almost entirely wireless and can be positioned anywhere in the building. This adaptability stands out as one of the library’s most valued attributes.

“We can switch not only the content, but also their location, which was a big factor for us.”

Crafted from premium materials like aluminum and glass, Visionect solutions bring a timeless elegance to any space. These devices update seamlessly via Wi-Fi, enabling NUK to refresh content as needed without incurring additional expenses. With e-paper displays, visitors and patrons always stay informed with the latest library updates. Their versatility allows for easy relocation, making them the most adaptable solutions available.


Assured Digital Signage work with our partners Visionect to deliver on a variety of niche and exciting e-ink applications in spaces which were previously not considered due to the disruption that the installation would cause. The Visionect screen collection exudes elegance, seamlessly blending into sophisticated environments. Its cordless operation is a significant advantage for various settings, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality.

One of the main challenges faced by libraries is constantly updating and displaying information in a way that is both visually appealing and cost-effective. With the help of Visionect’s e-paper screens, The Slovenian National and University Library has been able to achieve this seamlessly.

The library’s decision to use e-paper screens not only aligns with their commitment to preserving the historic building’s integrity and visual appeal, but also allows for quick and easy updates to information. This is particularly beneficial in a library setting where information is constantly changing.

Moreover, the use of e-paper screens is not limited to just displaying information. They can also be utilised as a tool for interactive communication with visitors. For example, the screens can be used to display digital maps or provide directions, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

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