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Digital signage offers advertisers a much more convenient way of updating their advertising network from one central location. This is particularly useful in applications where changing printed posters is an ardous and expensive task, like those that are often found on escalators in subway stations.

The client required a long-life industrial computer solution which had to be run 24/7, could be housed in an enclosure with no vents and operate over a wide temperature range, within a harsh environment.  Due to the regulation on sub-surface station, the threat of fire and other hazards, the system had to be available for a number of years in order to amortise engineering and certification costs.

After consultation, we recommended one of our industrial embedded computer boards that was low powered, had a high performance Core i5 processor and integrated SATA DOM which included the embedded operating system.

We also offered our eUSB module which plugs in to one of the USB ports on the board as a back-up, which allows the user to re-image the system via Intel’s iAMT technology on the fly; perfect for applications where it’s difficult and expensive to get an engineer on-site.

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