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About Dynascan

Our partnership with DynaScan technology sees Assured Digital Signage as the place to buy DynaScan’s digital signage solutions along with a mass of accompanying products. Since 1998 DynaScan has built upon its engineering background and extensive experience in AV, retail, transportation, gaming, entertainment, and public access industries. As a key DynaScan UK distributor we are particularly partial to their high-brightness displays that can easily be viewed in direct sunlight, such as storefront windows or outdoor enclosures.

Based in the United States DynaScan maintains operations in North America, Asia, and Europe. Chroma ATE holds the largest shareholding, they’re known as a global leader in electronic test and measurement instruments, automated test systems, power electronics, and special materials. Our expansive ranges and industry knowledge enable you to buy DynaScan products with our additional in-house testing and global support network so you can rest assured that as a dedicated DynaScan distributor, we will guide you through the entire process and ensure you conclude with the products and support you need.

High Brightness Displays

DynaScan offers a full range of high-brightness displays designed for global installations, particularly suited for environments with direct sunlight and high ambient light. The brightest in the world, these ultra-high brightness LCDs are ideal for outdoor enclosures, semi-outdoor spaces, and storefront windows. The product range includes sizes from 32” to 86” with standard and narrow bezel styles as well as dual-sided designs for showcasing different messages to customers inside and outside a retail window.

DynaScan window displays offer versatile configurations, accommodating various installation options in portrait or landscape orientation, including ceiling hanging or floor positioning with optional mounting kits.