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About ProDVX

ProDVX specialises in the development and production of top-notch hardware for digital communication solutions worldwide. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our reliable displays and touchscreens. You can always count on our hardware, as we offer an extensive range of innovative and durable solutions for various forms of digital communication, including digital signage, room signage, wayfinding, and access control. Our hardware is widely used, and we prioritise accessibility for both partners and end users, providing fair prices, expert advice, and exceptional service and support.

Our end users can trust in the reliability of our hardware for their digital communication needs. Our slogan, “Always On,” reflects our dedication to providing products with consistent performance. This is achieved through years of experience and in-house development, using components from the world’s most trusted brands. Our stringent quality standards, upheld by the ProDVX Quality Assurance team, result in an exceptionally low rate of returns and replacements. We have confidence in our hardware, which is why we offer a warranty of up to three years with the option to extend it to five years.

In addition to being “Always On,” our products also contribute to reduced energy consumption, aligning with our customers’ corporate sustainability strategies. We aim to provide reliable and durable products that meet the highest standards of quality and environmental responsibility.