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About Vestel

Mission and Vision

Proud to be recognised as a world-renowned technology giant and a market leader in Turkey, Vestel make it their mission to excel in every sector that they enter. Continuously investing in research and development, they strive to build on our success, making the highest quality solutions accessible for an ever-growing number of customers throughout the EMEA and beyond.

To stay on course and become the most powerful production and technology group in the world, Vestel know that they must achieve sustainable development, and that they can only do so by focusing efforts on the creation of leading-edge consumer products.

Research and Development

One of the first companies to have its R&D department officially accredited as an “R&D Center” by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, Vestel has become world-renowned for its capacity to turn knowledge into technology and technology into cutting-edge product solutions.
Operating within a set model for sustainable growth, Vestel continues to develop investments with local as well as international partners, drawing on the company’s cutting-edge technological resource as well as the expertise of over 900 R&D engineers, who are each committed to Vestel’s innovation-oriented philosophy.

Vestel Group

Comprised of 24 companies, the Vestel Group is a multi-industry manufacturer, which operates in electronics, household appliances, mobile technologies, LED lighting and defence. Testimony to the global importance of Zorlu Holding across multiple technology sectors, Vestel is not only thriving at home in Turkey with its 12 companies, but also through a further 14 businesses that have been set up in various other parts of the world.

Originally founded in 1984, Vestel has grown from strength to strength, realizing its global potential after joining the Zorlu Group in 1994. Having rapidly accumulated market share, Vestel has attained global significance thanks to its flourishing export activity and enormous production capacity.

In 2014 alone, Vestel received more than 66 of the most prestigious design awards.

Quality Certificates

Corroborating the company’s commitment to meeting industry-leading standards and criteria for quality management, Vestel Ticaret A.Ş was awarded the ISO 9001 quality standard accreditation by the Turkish Standard Institute in 1993.

Integral to the establishment of a successful total quality management process, this voluntary compliance to the ISO 9001 system affords Vestel a significant competitive advantage, enabling the company to meet customer’s ever-changing requirements and to ensure that quality can be improved continuously. Recognising the overall importance of quality management to the economy and to quality of life, Vestel is proud of its on-going commitment to enhancing quality control.

Zorlu Holding Customer Relations Manifesto

‘Innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and customer oriented thinking guide all our activities aiming at bringing dreams to life. Our fundamental principle is to offer our customers quality, rapid, pioneering and reliable services and to provide a perfect and distinctive experience.We establish open feedback mechanisms to listen to our customers in all our companies. Our customers can easily access customer services after sales as well through various channels.We attach importance to establishing long-term relationships with our customers. In order to transform this process into a perfect experience, we monitor, measure and prepare reports on our customers’ satisfaction at regular intervals with mechanisms such as perception surveys and satisfaction polls. We monitor changing customer expectations, assess the feedback we have received and take pioneering actions in areas open to improvement.We pay attention to feedback from our distributors and authorised service providers who are constantly in contact with the customer. We learn the priorities of our customers in different regions thanks to our broad network of distributors and authorised service providers.We attach maximum importance to our customers’ feedback. We share these with senior executives, assess every one of them carefully and take the necessary actions.We train our employees and distributors and authorised service providers who are in direct contact with the customer regarding customer experience and enhance their expertise and development.We use our customers’ proposals to improve our products and services and carry out open innovation in every appropriate area along with our customers.Within the framework of responsible marketing principles, we adopt an approach taking into account social differences, respectful to human rights, fair, transparent, open and which shares correct information in communicating our products and services. We communicate with the goal of raising customers’ and consumers’ awareness regarding environmental and social issues’