What is a Video Wall?

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  1. What is a Video Wall?

What is a Video Wall?

A video wall refers to the combination of individual LCD or LED screens mounted in a group to form a wall. Typically, the screens are the same size and model, with very little bezel, and are arranged with precision to cover all or most of an area.

Video walls are commonly used for high impact digital signage, as an aesthetic interior design element, or for data visualization or entertainment purposes. Content for display on video walls is often purposely created for the specific application and synchronized for maximum effect.

Whilst you may think that video walls are made up of large screens, it’s often more practical to construct them using multiple standard size screens (such as 46-56”) – this makes transportation, installation and replacement generally quicker and easier. The use of multiple smaller screens can often mean ‘more’ of the wall has coverage as the largest possible gap is the size of the screen being used.

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